Tuesday, July 1, 2008

There Must Be Moments

In every life, there must be moments.
Otherwise, we are just marking time.
What are minutes and hours and days, weeks, months, years?
Merely placeholders between moments.

And not just happy moments, joyful moments.
Moments of sadness, moments of indecision, moments of terror even.
Embarrassing moments, moments of enlightenment, senior moments,
Moments to remember, to cherish,
To look back upon with one eye squished shut or the flush returning to your cheeks.

Moments stop the clock,
Make all that other time worth it,
Let all the red X’s on the calendar add up to something.
Fill time with moments, don’t just wait for one, make one.
Be here now.
Watch a sunset, stick out your tongue at a silly boy,
Say hello to your next door neighbor, bring an old lady some flowers.
Tell someone something important, like how you really feel,
That their shoe’s untied, or the way their eyes sparkle every time they smile.

And this is not brought to you by Hallmark,
Just me, having a moment of my own.
Because there must be moments, or it is all empty.
3:46 AM
6:22 PM

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